Saturday, December 12, 2009

Third Quarter 2009 Social Weather Survey

The said survey was conducted from September 18-29, 2009. The survey shows that 30% were satisfied and 50% were dissatisfied with the overall performance of the National Administration. SWS also poll the public with other issues concerning the National Administration. The National Administration got a good net satisfaction rating of +31 on the issue of protecting the public from the outbreak of diseases. On the issues of ensuring that all food products in the market are safe (+29), promoting the welfare of OFWs (+19), ensuring that medicines are affordable (+18), foreign relations (+12), and helping the poor (+10) the National Administration got a sensible ratings. While on the issues like fighting terrorism (+5), reconciliation with Muslim rebels (+3), reconciliation with communist rebels (+3), campaigning against illegal drugs (+3), and fighting crimes (-8) the Administration got an impartial ratings and got a poor ratings in the issues like fighting inflation (-19), ensuring no family will ever be hungry and have nothing to eat (-20), and eradicating graft and corruption (-28).



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